Alternative Dental Treatments

Valley View Dental endorses a variety of alternative treatments that help boost your overall health and wellness as well as dental health.

Nucalm—Stress Relief

NuCalm is an all-natural, comprehensive 3-part system that is administered in seconds and takes effect in minutes. The benefits will last for hours, so you can own the day.

Organic Tooth Paste

ORL toothpaste and rinses: Uses Xylitol ( natural compound) to starve the bacteria that cause decay – strengthens teeth and gums with Formulas of vitamins and minerals –uses plant-based essential oils to inhibit Biofilm and Plaque. Children’s toothpaste with xylitol is also recommended.

Thieves Products

Young living essential oils for natural health and cleaning. We offer products—toothpaste, mouth rinse, disinfecting cleaning products, waterless hand sanitizer, and Foaming hand wash

Natural Supplements for Immune Boosting

Liposomal Vit C: immune booster – helps to absorb iron

Liquid Zinc: immune booster

Vitamin D immune booster

Wheat Grass: helps in digestion, eliminates toxins, lowers cholesterol

Carbon 60 oil: reduces inflammation in joints and helps to eliminate  free radicals

Tumeric: natural anti-inflammatory supplement

Ashwagandha: reduces anxiety and rejuvenates the mind and heart


Allergy Rescue


Perio Protect Trays

Perio Protect Trays provide a reduction of bleeding gums that can contribute to a higher risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke, and are also correlated with Alzheimer’s disease. You also get whiter teeth and fresher breath.

Laser Treatment for Cold and Canker Sores

If you get cold sores, you need our laser treatment to cut the healing time and may prevent the recurrence of the cold sore from coming back.

Laser Treatment for TMJ and Post-Surgical Care

Our deep penetrating laser can help in healing after surgery and can relieve the acute pain associated with TMJ discomfort.

Sinus Infection Relief and Allergy Congestion

Our combination of Lamimine supplement and Xlear nasal spray. In combination, these drug-free options will help those prone to sinus infections.

Infrared Sauna

Dry Mouth Relief

Prescription medications often have an effect on the mouth leaving it dry and free of natural saliva. When saliva is reduced, patients have an increased risk of cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Spry moisturizing spray or mouth gel for nighttime relief.

Acupuncture Pain Management

Dentist St. Peter - Accupuncture Chart for Hand

Acupuncture utilizes various pressure points for pain relief in different situations. These include the TMJ joint for jaw pain, infraorbital and supraorbital spots for sinus and other types of pain, and the P-7 point for anxiety. Breathing techniques are also recommended to enhance the effectiveness of pressure point therapy.

To learn more about our approach to health and wellness, contact Valley View Dental today.