At Valley View Dental, we pride ourselves on maintaining a clean, environmentally friendly office that uses the latest technologies for the benefit of our patients. We Also have been power by the Sun with 16 Photovoltaic panels since 2009.

Healing Lasers

We have many different types of lasers to assist in conservative treatment with less post op pain.  Our healing lasers help after surgical processes and assist in providing healing energy. We also have lasers to treat cold sores and canker sores and provide acceleration in healing. Surgery with laser can be done with less collateral damage. We also use lasers in treatment of gum disease which kills bacteria in the gums tissues.

Intraoral Camera

All too often, patients feel as if they are just along for the ride when it comes to their dental care, not fully understanding the treatments involved or the challenges their oral health is facing. Here in St. Peter, Dr. Miller and the rest of our team love utilizing intraoral cameras because they help us fully involve and educate people of all ages as we treat their smiles.

The camera itself is a small and used to demonstrate what and disease processes that may be occurring in the mouth.  This allows you to see what we see.  It is also help and gauging a patient’s path to health.

CT Conebeam Scanner

Today, most dental offices are utilizing digital X-ray technology when diagnosing patients’ smiles. While effective, these 2D images aren’t always the most informative. With a revolutionary CT Cone beam Scanner right here in-office, our team is proud to go a step beyond when it comes to our patients’ wellbeing and quality of care. This technology creates a fully detailed, 3D digital image of the patient’s mouth, jaw, and related structures allowing Dr. Miller to identify the smallest areas of damage and pinpoint important areas like nerves, sinuses, and more. This is crucial when planning dental implant placement and other area-sensitive procedures where accuracy is very important.

Picasso Laser

Keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy is important to our excellent hygiene department here at Valley View Dental, which is why our team members utilize the state-of-the-art Picasso Soft Tissue Laser. The energy from this laser safely controls infection helping to fight back the scourge of gum disease.  Its minimally invasive sterilizing quality is preferable to the traditional use of a scalpel!

Hoya ConBio

Cold and canker sores can cause frustrating pain and discomfort. Did you know that a trained dentist like Dr. Miller is able to treat these areas and create the relief you need? With our advanced Hoya ConBio laser, our team can stop the progression of these lesions in their tracks and facilitate faster healing while eliminating pain instantly. Repeated instances of laser treatment can even help reduce the risk of further outbreaks. Bacterial reduction, aesthetic crown lengthening, and other services can be performed with the help of this laser as well.