Liposomal Vit C – Immune booter – helps to absorb iron
Liquid Zinc – Immune booster, helps with skin health (acne), mental alertness & taste/smell
Vitamin D + K12 – Helps with clotting, bone stability & immune health. Also supports gut microbiome with medium chain triglycerides
Wheat Grass – Help in digestion, eliminate toxins, lower cholesterol
Carbon 60 oil – Reduces inflammation in joints and helps to eliminate free radicals
Turmeric – Natural anti-inflammatory supplement
Ashwagandha – Reduces anxiety and rejuvenate mind and heart
Beet Root – Helps lower blood pressure, increases stamina for exercise & helps mental alertness
MCT boost – Used for energy & supports gut health, brain function, reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) increases HDL (good cholesterol) and helps aid in weight loss
Broccoli Seed extract – Helps eliminate carcinogens & protect against inflammation
Lamimine – Helps to clear skin, increase mental stability & sleep
Xlear nasal spray

Allergy Supplements:

Mucinease – Supplement to help in the support of the break down of mucus in the Upper Respiratory Tract. Also helps to balance the Immune system and decrease congestion and excess mucus.
Active ingredients – Vit C , Quercetin, Bromelain, Elderberry Extract ,Turmeric and more

AllergyRescue – For Temporary Relief of symptoms including runny stuffy nose, sneezing, and red, itching, watery eyes.
Add 15 drops to 8 oz of water 2 times per day.

SinU:HC – For Temporary Relief of symptoms of acute and chronic sinusitis
Add 15 drops to 8 oz of water 2 times per day