Summertime – The Perfect Time to Visit Your Dentist in St. Peter

Jul 15, 2018

As summer draws to an end, the time is approaching to start another hectic school year. As a parent, that means that you’ll have extra responsibilities added to your plate, like transporting your kids to sporting events, recitals and helping them complete class projects. Still, in the midst of all of that, you have to squeeze dental visits into your busy schedule. Your dentist in St. Peter says you can make life a lot easier for yourself by scheduling one of their preventive care appointments before school commences.  Learn why this is the perfect time as you read on.

Why Visit Before School?

Generally, it’s recommended that your children visit the dentist semi-annually for preventive care. Thus, if you bring them in before school starts, you won’t have to worry about an unnecessary absence. Furthermore, by scheduling a visit in the summer, you can plan the next appointment during the holiday break, which also prevents an unwanted absence and will help to make your life a lot easier.

Why Preventive Care Visits Matter

Six-month visits to your local dentist are essential to your children’s oral health because of three important aspects:

  • Thorough Cleaning – The cleaning that your kids receive at the preventive care visit will ensure that harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar are removed from their mouth. This is an important key to optimal oral health, especially for children, because they are less likely to practice the best dental hygiene. Furthermore, you’re not able to control what they eat when you’re not around. Thus, any excess sugar consumption they may have will contribute to a host of oral problems if not addressed.
  • Tedious Examination – The checkup is equally important for your children’s oral health. It will identify any developing issues, so they can be addressed before they mushroom into greater problems. For example, a cavity can sometimes develop for years before the signs of decay are noticed. By your dentist finding it early, though, your kids won’t have to endure the pain from teeth sensitivity, and you’ll save money by not having to pursue more complex forms of restoration.
  • Habit-Setting – Finally, by your children consistently visiting the dentist for preventive care, it plants a seed that will flourish fully in adulthood. Meaning, they’ll have a better chance of this healthy habit crystallizing and becoming second nature for them in the future.

In the midst of all the responsibilities that come along with being a parent, it helps to have a way to get some relief without having to compromise the oral health of your children. Before school starts, reach out to your family dentist in St. Peter to schedule a six-month preventive care visit today!

About the Author

Dr. Jennifer Miller earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Minnesota. To stay abreast of the latest changes in the world of dentistry, she maintains active membership in different professional organizations while further sharpening her skills through continuing education courses. Dr. Miller helps families experience the best in oral health at Valley View Dental and can be reached for more information through this website.


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