NuCalm: A More Advanced Way to Ease Dental Anxiety

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Do you have anxiety about going to the dentist? Just the thought can cause your stress to rise. Some dental offices provide sedation methods to ease this response, but many of them involve using medications and chemicals to reduce your dental anxiety in St. Peter. As a better alternative, you can find a dental office that uses NuCalm sedation, which is a more advanced way to achieve a completely relaxed state during your appointments.

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm is a system that safely and effectively gets patients to relax during a dental visit without using narcotics or controlled substances. Instead, it uses proven neuroscience techniques to promote a more comfortable feeling. In over 1.1 million dental patients who have received NuCalm sedation, no adverse events have been reported, and an overwhelming majority of them would recommend NuCalm to their family and friends.

How does NuCalm help reduce dental anxiety?

As a unique, patented system for keeping patients calm and comfortable, NuCalm has a four-step process. First, a topical cream that contains nutrients and amino acids for relaxation is applied. Then, special patches are placed behind each ear to deliver microcurrent stimulation to the brain, interrupting your body’s natural stress response and signaling the production of more relaxing hormones. In addition, noise-canceling headphones not only block out sounds around the patient, but also provide proprietary neuroacoustic soundtracks that control brain wave function and slow it to the level that you experience right before falling asleep. Finally, an eye mask or light-blocking glasses are used to remove visual stimuli. When all these components are used together, any patient, not matter how anxious, can get necessary dental treatment with no stress.

Why is NuCalm better than traditional sedation dentistry methods?

With some forms of traditional sedation used in dentistry, such as oral and IV sedation, patients need to have someone drive them home from the appointment because the effects can last long after the procedure is finished. In addition, patients rarely remember details from the appointment, and their response time becomes impaired. In contrast, patients can return to their normal activities and can even drive on their own immediately after NuCalm sedation. That’s because this system doesn’t interfere with their cognitive abilities. The patient is merely distracted, allowing the dentist to perform the procedure quickly and efficiently while the patient relaxes. Because of the reduced stress and exceptional rest that patients can experience with NuCalm, they can have faster, better healing following their dental procedures.

Instead of avoiding the dentist and not getting the dental care you need or utilizing inferior sedation methods, you can find a dentist that uses NuCalm sedation in St. Peter. That way, you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of excellent dental treatment without the unnecessary anxiety that can come with it. See the difference that NuCalm sedation can make in your dental experience.

About the Author

Dr. Jennifer Miller has been practicing dentistry in the St. Peter since 2004. At Valley View Dental, she and her staff prioritize each patient’s comfort and use the best treatment techniques available, which is why they offer NuCalm sedation for anxious patients to make their visits better in every way. To make an appointment with her, you can call (507) 934-3332 or click here.


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