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Oct 12, 2018

While the end of the year is generally associated with seeing extended family members and more decorations around your house, it’s not the only thing that should be on your mind. If you have dental insurance, you’ll want to make sure you’ve gotten the most out of the benefits you paid for, according to a family dentist in St. Peter.

Dental Benefits are “Use it or Lose it!”

If you have a typical PPO dental plan, chances are you aren’t anywhere close to using all of the benefits you paid for. According to a report from the National Association of Dental Plans, only 2.8 percent of PPO dental plan participants met or exceeded their plan’s annual maximum. That means an overwhelming majority of people are losing money and negatively affecting their oral health as a result of it.

This is why dentists often implore people to use their benefits around the fall and winter seasons. If you don’t schedule appointments by December 31st, then your benefits won’t carry over on January 1st. This is also the case for any dollars sitting in a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which will either be lost or significantly discounted after the new year begins. It’s truly a “use it or lose it” scenario, which is why you should plan treatments now while there’s still time in the year.

How to Get Started Maximizing Your Benefits

If you don’t know where to start, that’s okay. Many consumers don’t know the best strategy to maximize their current benefits at first. That’s where a call to your insurance company directly, your employer, or dental practice employee can make a big difference. They can go over relevant information about your current dental benefits and your annual maximum, two key places to start.

A majority of dental plans cover anywhere from 80 to 100 of the cost for percent of preventive treatments. This includes cleanings, exams, X-rays and fluoride treatments, which are all ideal benefits to consider first and foremost. These work to strengthen and protect teeth, keep your mouth healthy in the long-term and have the lowest cost overall.

Dental Practices Are Ready to Help

If you have extensive work to start or finish, dental practices will work with you to build a treatment plan and stagger your appointments going into the new year. What matters most is that you schedule an appointment before the end of the year, as dental benefits won’t expire if you’ve already scheduled a long-term treatment plan. Practices pride themselves on walking patients through the process of receiving treatment and helping you maximize dental benefits while they do it.

Whether you need a routine cleaning or more extensive dental care, a dentist in St. Peter is prepared to make it simple and straightforward. Schedule an appointment today and make the most out of your dental benefits!

About the Author

Dr. Jennifer Miller earned her DDS degree from the University of Minnesota. She is in-network with several providers and her team has years of experience working with insurance plans. She’s more than happy to help you evaluate and understand your coverage. To learn more about her practice, you can contact her through this website.


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