Learn How Long Dentures in Last When Taken Proper Care Of

Feb 6, 2018

Dentures can be an effective and affordable solution to chronic tooth loss. You can eat the foods you used to and smile for your friends and family with confidence. You can choose between partial or full dentures in St. Peter, depending on the amount of tooth loss you’ve suffered, or you can even receive implant-supported dentures for a more secure fit.

If you choose traditional dentures, you’ll need to make sure you know how to take proper care of them. Today, we’ll be discussing how long you can expect them to last and how to make them last as long as possible.

How Long Do Dentures Typically Last?

Many people forgo getting their dentures replaced because they think they’ll last forever. Unfortunately, that simply isn’t the case. On average, dentures last between five and seven years when properly cared for. The longevity of your dentures relies heavily on how well you care for them, so it’s important you keep the information from this post in mind after they’re fabricated.

At first, your dentures will take some time to get used to, but your facial and oral tissues will adapt to them quite quickly. Soon, you’ll feel comfortable wearing them and if you have any problems, you can always contact your dentist in St. Peter for additional guidance.

How Do I Practice Proper At-Home Care?

There are several steps to keep in mind when cleaning and caring for your dentures. Keep these steps in mind once you receive them from your dentist:

  • Handle with Care – Place a folded cloth in your sink while cleaning them to ensure it doesn’t crack or break if you drop them.
  • Brush and Rinse Your Dentures Daily – Start by purchasing a brush specifically for cleaning dentures. These have softer bristles that clean dentures without damaging them. Avoid using toothpaste to clean them as this can be abrasive. Use a mild dish soap or cleaner specifically manufactured to clean dentures instead.  
  • Care for Your Dentures While Not Wearing Them – It’s important to keep them moist any time you aren’t wearing your dentures. Keep them in a glass of cold water only. This keeps them moist without making them change shape. If you have pets, make sure they are out of reach.
  • Clean Your Mouth and Gums – Just because you have dentures doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be cleaning you gums, tongue, and palate with toothpaste as well. Gargle warm salty water daily to wash your gums.

Do I Still Need to Visit My Dentist?

Yes. You should be visiting your dentist every six months for cleanings and to ensure that your denture is still fitting properly. If necessary, your dentures in St. Peter can be relined to fit your changing gums. Eventually, they’ll need to be relined to avoid serious problems later, but for now they should fit fine.

Are you prepared to receive your new smile? Schedule an appointment with your dentist in St. Peter today to eat the foods you’ve missed!

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Dr. Jennifer Miller earned her Doctor of Dental degree from the University of Minnesota. She’s a member of the ADA, the Minnesota Dental Association, and regularly attends continuing education courses to stay up to date on the many advancements in dentistry. To learn more about dentures in St. Peter and her practice, contact her at (507) 934-3332.


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