Dentist in St. Peter Offers Natural Sedation for Anxiety

Jan 21, 2017

Dental fear is real. West Virginia University and the University of Pittsburgh state that it affects up to 25% of the common population. The consequences are real too, as people who avoid the dentist out of fear are much more likely to wind up with significant, preventable oral health problems. Fortunately, you don’t have to get nervous thinking about your next dental appointment. Your dentist in St. Peter, Dr. Jennifer Miller, offers a new natural sedation method to ensure a relaxed visit at our office—NuCalm. This natural sedation method is medication free, revolutionizing treatment for anxious patients.

NuCalm: Groundbreaking Neuroscience Technology

How does a family dentist in St. Peter offer a sedative that has zero controlled substances? In today’s world, that sounds unreal! We present you with NuCalm, modern technology that leverages different levels of your mind and body to create a safe, tranquil experience. Still unclear? Basically, this new technology taps into our nervous system by combining four components, bringing our bodies to a state of ultimate calmness. Patients can feel their body relaxing anywhere from three to five minutes when used correctly.

NuCalm uses four mechanisms to achieve your body’s peak relaxed state. The first of the four components include NuCalm’s topical cream or chewy dietary substances—again, drug-free. These are made of nutrient-based building blocks that speed up your brain’s relaxation process. Next are the stimulation patches. Third are noise-canceling headphones. These deliver neuroacoustic (relaxing) sounds that help induce sleep. Finally, you also use a light-blocking eye mask to avoid any distractions.

Using NuCalm for the First Time

Trying a new technology, especially when you already have dental anxiety, probably makes you unsure. NuCalm makes it easy! These simple steps will help you begin receiving the dental treatments you need and deserve without the associated anxiety.

  1. Apply one pump of NuCalm topical cream to your carotid arteries, located on both sides of your upper neck.
  2. Place the stimulation patches together and then pull them apart to activate the adhesive.
  3. Place one patch on either side of your head, on the soft patches right behind your earlobes.
  4. Power on the CES device to start stimulation.
  5. Log into your NuCalm app to start listening to the neuroacoustic sounds at a relaxing volume.
  6. Lower your eye mask and turn on the headphones.

Look at this easy to follow instructional video for more information.

Get the Dental Care You Need and Deserve

Fear is an obstacle in dentistry, typically leading to avoiding dental treatment. That avoidance can range from delaying a dental appointment to complete avoidance of necessary care for years. Avoiding dental treatment catalyzes poorer oral health and increases the likelihood of a negative experience. This phenomenon is known as the “vicious cycle.” Being caught in the cycle has severe consequences for oral and systemic health, leading up to permanent tooth loss.

Maintaining a strong, beautiful smile is truly a lifelong job. Dr. Jennifer Miller and the rest of our team would love to support you every step of the way. Our preventive services are designed to stop dental problems before they ever start, and we can make that process easier for our patients by providing natural sedation. Contact Valley View Dental today if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment!


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