Whether you are missing one tooth or several, being without a complete, strong smile can lead to severe problems. If you are ready to improve your oral health and self-confidence, talk to Dr. Jennifer Miller and the rest of our team here at Valley View Dental about whether or not you are a candidate for dental implants. We utilize the latest implant technology to create new teeth that are virtually indistinguishable from the ones you lost, and Dr. Miller has the training and expertise to handle each part of your procedure right here in-office for added convenience and comfort. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our St Peter, MN location!  We love seeing patients from Gaylord, MN and surrounding areas.

The Dental Implant Process

Once we have determined you are a good candidate for dental implants, you will undergo the following steps:

  • The implant(s) will need to be surgically inserted into the patient’s jawbone. Dental implants are successful because they mimic both the crown (the white portion) and the root (the portion hidden underneath the gum line) of your natural tooth. By placing the implant itself as the new “root,” the patient’s jawbone health is preserved.
  • The implant(s) will need time to form a bond with the patient’s natural tissue through a process known as osseointegration. Once this is complete, the implant(s) can support a new, custom restoration.
  • Dr. Miller will design and place a quality, tooth-colored restoration over the implant, completing your smile and restoring needed oral strength and function. 

Dental implants are versatile, revitalizing, and strong enough to be treated just like your natural teeth – no inconvenient changes to your diet or oral hygiene routine required. As long as they are cared for properly with diligent oral hygiene and routine checkups at Valley View Dental, they are capable of lasting for many years or even the rest of the patient’s life.