Dental Emergency During Quarantine? Here’s What to Do Next!

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With the Coronavirus spreading in full force, you’re probably self-quarantined, as you should be, to help keep you and your family safe. But what happens if you have a dental emergency? With most dentists closed during this time, what should you do if you bite down and crack your tooth or experience extreme pain? Thankfully, your dentist has some tips to help you make yourself more comfortable at home, and they’re still ready to treat your dental emergency. Keep reading to learn what you should do if you have tooth pain during this strange time.

Do You Have a Toothache?

A toothache can seem like it comes out of nowhere, however it is usually caused by poor dental hygiene. When plaque builds up, it interacts with bacteria in your mouth to create acids. This can cause decay, but it can also lead to infection in the tooth. If this occurs, you may experience pain and piercing sensitivity. Should this happen, call your dentist right away because you may need a root canal. Your dentist will still perform emergency services during the Covid-19 outbreak to keep you as healthy as possible.

Did You Chip or Break Your Tooth?

One of the activities you may be enjoying during quarantine is snacking. However, a hard bite on the wrong popcorn kernel could fracture your tooth, putting you in intense pain. If your tooth breaks, pick up any pieces, rinse them, and store them in a safe place. Use gauze to ease bleeding and apply a cold compress or a bag of frozen veggies to reduce swelling. If you’ve lost or broken a crown or filling, you can use dental cement to repair it. However, if you don’t have this product, you can temporarily protect your tooth with sugarless gum. Your next move is to call your dentist immediately. Although they are closed, they will still treat dental emergencies to get you out of pain and back to smiling.

Did Your Tooth Get Knocked Out?

You may be engaging in indoor exercise due to the quarantine, however this often limits space and increases risk of dental injury. If a tooth gets knocked out while roughhousing with the family, pick it up by the crown and gently rinse it off. After, store it in milk or water to keep it moist and apply gauze to your mouth if the area is bleeding. Once you’ve made yourself more comfortable, contact your dentist right away for treatment. The sooner you can visit their office, the better your chances are of successfully replanting it.

Now that you know what to do if a dental emergency happens during quarantine, no need to worry! Remember these tips and that your dentist is still here to help in your time of need.

Meet the Dentist

Dr. Jenny Miller is an experienced dentist in St. Peter who is committed to the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation even before the Coronavirus. She has closed her office, but she is still ready and able to treat dental emergencies. For any questions, she can be reached through this website or by phone at (507) 934-3332.


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