Children’s Dentist in St. Peter Encourages Dental Health for Children

Feb 5, 2017

Your child’s dental health may play a larger role in their life than you realize. All too often, parents do not understand the importance of oral health for children as the primary teeth eventually fall out. However, the care your child’s teeth and gums receive now sets the foundation for a lifetime healthy smile. To raise awareness about the importance of dental health for children, February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. As your Children’s dentist in St. Peter, we want to ensure your child has the right groundwork for healthy teeth and gums.

Importance of Oral Health for Children

Although the baby teeth eventually fall out, they serve a vital purpose. Not only are they important for your child learning to eat and speak correctly, but they also act as placeholders for the adult teeth. If the baby teeth do not receive proper care, it can impact the health and the development of the permanent teeth.

Research shows that children who were taught from a young age to care for their teeth carried these habits with them into adulthood. By learning the importance of dental health as soon as possible, you will help to ensure your child maintains their healthy smile throughout their life.

Home Oral Hygiene

Your child needs to brush their teeth twice a day. This is essential for removing plaque and tarter accumulations that cause cavities and plaque. Using a toothbrush that accommodates the size of their mouth, they need to brush all surfaces of the teeth using a fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes.

In addition to brushing, children need to get into the habit of flossing. Flossing removes plaque and tarter from between the teeth and around the gum line where a toothbrush cannot reach. Daily flossing is the first line of defense against gum disease, which affects more than half of adults. To ensure your child’s gums stay healthy throughout life, get them into the habit of flossing each tooth every day.

Preventive Dental Appointments

Everyone needs to see their dentist twice a year for preventive care. In fact, we recommend children have their first cleaning and checkup before the age of three. A professional cleaning will remove plaque and tarter accumulations that have not been removed at home.

We provide a comprehensive exam to monitor the health and development of the teeth. By doing so, we can find dental problems early for quick intervention. This lessens the need for invasive treatments in the future.

To ensure your child has the strongest start to dental health, we provide certain preventive treatments to protect the teeth. With fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we will help to protect the teeth from cavities while promoting strong enamel.

Protect Your Family’s Smiles

As your dentist in St. Peter, we want to see your family maintain healthy beautiful smiles for a lifetime. In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month, we will help set the foundation for dental health in children. Contact Valley View Dental to schedule a consultation today.


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